A professor at a Swedish university is offering a doctoral studentship in relation to lighting efficiency and performance. Traditional lighting involves the use of electroluminescent devices, which transform electricity into light.  The new generation of lighting relates to the use of light-emissive materials. However, efficiency and performance are major challenges the industry faces in adopting and scaling up light-emissive materials. The prospective Ph.D. student will engage in the synthesis and characterization of such materials in addition to relevant laboratory work and computer modeling. Students with Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, or relevant academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Deadline: April 20, 2021. Interested students please reply by leaving a message under this post.



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  • Hi. My research focus on electrocatalysis and I have published one paper as the co-first author in JACS. I plan to pursue PhD study and research . If possible, please contact me. Thank you.