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Why I reject legalization of recreational marijuana 

I am a Vernon Hill resident, a husband, as well as a father. I love this vibrant, supportive and safe community. And I hope my children, as well as my grandchildren, would also enjoy living in this community after they grow up.

However, I am very concerned about the potential legalization of recreational marijuana in Vernon Hills. I believe that it is HIGHLY likely that the passage of this act could result in serious, potential social and economic ramifications.

First, lots of research findings conclude that the legalization of recreational marijuana could lead to the increase of traffic accidents, domestic violence, as well as criminal conducts.

Additionally, the potential legalization of recreational marijuana in Vernon Hills may also encourage the youth, including teenagers, to get in touch with this dangerous stuff. As a father of a five-year-old daughter, I have this as my prominent concern.

Although the potential legalization of recreational marijuana may help to create a limited number of job opportunities and to generate profits for recreational marijuana stores, I am afraid that the costs to address negative consequences might be even higher.

For instance, the existence of recreational marijuana stores may discourage many young talents to move to this community, especially when they are concerned about their children’s growth. This may preclude our community’s innovation and prosperity in the long term.

I understand that in this country everyone has the freedom to engage in something they enjoy, and I also fully respect the rights of those who use marijuana in a recreational manner and the rights of the businesses that facilitate this purpose.

Yet in my concern of the potential social and economic issues consequent to the legalization of recreational marijuana in Vernon Hills, and notably, the potential danger WE NOW ARE INTENTIONALLY CREATING for the children of our Vernon Hills community, I STRONGLY OPPOSE the legalization of recreational marijuana in OUR community.



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