Hello everyone! My name is Ben. I graduated from KHU with a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Now, I am in Changsha and I have applied to several universities to pursue doctoral studies. My research directions in KHU related to optimizing synthetic conditions of NMC hydroxide precursor, chirality control of crystals, and nano-particle synthesis. I published two SCI-indexed papers as the 1st and 2nd author, respectively.

During my studies in Korea, I independently completed several university-enterprise research projects. For instance, I helped several Korean pharmaceutical companies (i.e., LG Chem, LG Life Sciences, and Kolon) to develop four kinds of original, and/or generic, drug products. I also have rich experience in terms of crystallization development process, including crystal size control and co-crystal synthesis.

I’m additionally familiar with preparation and characterization of drug polymorphism /co-crystal /amorphous, and have a solid background in crystallization kinetics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, etc. Besides, I have also completed one enterprise project involving ‘cobalt sulfate purification’ using the crystallization method as noted above.

Please contact me by leaving your comment below this post if you have any research ideas relevant to my research work. We can cooperate to do research work, publish papers or perhaps take on potential corporate projects.

Sun Ben

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