ChinaNudge members are divided into four primary categories. In addition to possessing an advanced English language facility, each member group is defined by the following criteria.

  • ChinaNudge Scholar: In possession of at least one first-author, peer-reviewed journal publication. An exception is given to a second-author whose research supervisor is the first author;
  • ChinaNudge Researcher: STEM members with specialized capabilities yet lacking first/second author, peer-reviewed journal publication;
  • Non-STEM Participant: Non-STEM members that are very interested in providing support (legal, marketing, linguistic, entrepreneurial., etc ) for, and/or working with, ChinaNudge Scholars;
  • School Ambassador: Members that help to facilitate the impact of ChinaNudge in their respective universities or research institutions.

Please be noted that ChinaNudge will verify your credentials prior to your membership approval.