1. Research Interests: (1) Nonlinear Dynamics, (2) Feedback Control, (3) Artificial Intelligence applied in Mechanical Engineering, (4) Optimization, (5) Data Fusion, (6) Robotics.
  2. My CV:     https://chinanudge.com/binghengwang-cv_updated/
  3. Cover Letter:
    Hi, I am Bingheng Wang. My research area lies in Mechatronics——Mechanical Engineering augmented with Feedback Control, Sensing and Data Fusion, as well as Actuator Hardware and Computer Software. I am interested in applying new and existing control and estimation theories to Robots such as Unmanned Aerospace/Ground/Underwater Vehicles. Synthesis of controllers, e.g. robust yet optimal controllers, using numerical simulation is my primary research content. I am also interested in testing my algorithms in hardware platforms.
  4. As an engineer, I am working at Tsinghua University on a project that aims to develop a control algorithm to balance a stationary unmanned bicycle via steering.  During my graduate studies at Northwestern Polytechnical University, I focused my research on dynamics and control as well as disturbance estimation applied to Active Debris Removal using Tethered Space Robots.
    The outcome of my graduate studies is very fruitful, and I published 5 SCI-indexed papers published in several internationally renowned journals. I am seeking a PhD position to advance my capabilities in the area of Mechatronics. I hope I would obtain an opportunity to research in areas of motion planning, guidance and control for vehicles. I will not limit my research to single vehicle; I am also fascinated with multi-agent network control.
    Thank you for your time!


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